Firmac has been shortlisted for the medium/large business award 2015 from the Chamber of Bridlington and Yorkshire Coast. Firmac along with Detectamet Ltd and Shepcote Distributors Ltd were selected from 15 entries from across the region to compete for this prestigious award.

The leading ductwork manufacturer is delighted to have been shortlisted as Lewis Firth, director explains “although we have been in business for over 30 years this is the first time we have entered the award so we are extremely pleased to have been shortlisted. We are looking forward to hosting the judging panel and showing them the latest technology we have developed in automatic duct forming.”

Following a site visit a panel of judges will select the winner, which will then be announced at the awards dinner on 16th October.

Good luck Firmac! 

Firmac apprentice Peter White has won the inaugural Stars Apprentice Award in Engineering. Twenty-year-old Peter who is currently a student at Yorkshire Coast College, is a Technician Apprentice at Firmac, the world leading duct forming machine manufacturer based at Eastfield, Scarborough.

Andrew Firth, Design Manager at Firmac praised Peter’s work and contribution to the business. “Anyone who works with Peter has the highest level of praise for him. He is always focused on the task in hand and the work he produces is of a very high quality. I personally feel that Firmac as a company are very lucky to have an apprentice like Peter and with the correct training and guidance his future within HVAC engineering looks very promising.”

Peter has spent time working in all Firmac’s departments, particularly in the design office. He has progressed in multi-disciplines and now works with the cad system SolidWorks, creating the total design package from 3D model through to assembly drawings.

Christopher Messruther, who entered in the Employers Apprentice category, received high praise from his supervisor, Alex Birtwistle. “Chris entered the business with little work experience but in a very short period of time was working with minimal supervision and finishing tasks to a very high level of quality and in an efficient manner. He is also capable of diagnosing problems within wiring systems, which is remarkably good for someone so early in their apprenticeship.”

Firmac apprentices are accustomed to winning awards. In 2014 Peter won the Construction & Engineering Finals of Matchfit Built Environment & Engineering competition for Auto CAD 2D Advanced and most recently fellow apprentice Tom Dutton was awarded with the Engineering Apprentice of the Year and the Darren Scaife Memorial Cup of Work Based Engineering from Yorkshire Coast College.

Simon Morrell, General Manager at Firmac complemented all their apprentices. “We have apprentices who travel from as far a field as Cleveland and East Yorkshire to come here to work. They all possess a “can-do” attitude and are progressing well at work and at college. We recruit, on average, three new apprentices each year and believe in nurturing talent. Currently around 27% of our current workforce has been apprenticed trained at Firmac.”

The event which is sponsored by Yorkshire Coast Homes, Scarborough Borough Council, Dalby Offshore, Y H Training Services and the National Apprenticeship Service was held on Friday 17th July 2015.



Scarborough Stars Apprenticeship Awards

3 Firmac apprentices have been selected into the finals of the annual STARS Apprenticeship Awards.

Christopher Messruther, Thomas Dutton and Peter White are all contenders for the Employers Apprentice, Engineering.

The event which is sponsored by Yorkshire Coast Homes, Scarborough Borough Council, Dalby Offshore, Y H Training Services and the National Apprenticeship Service will be held on Friday 17th July. 

The nominations come on the back of Tom Dutton’s recent success in winning two prestigious awards from Yorkshire Coast College. Tom was awarded with the Engineering Apprentice of the Year and the Darren Scaife Memorial Cup of Work Based Engineering 2015.


Firmac has released the long awaited video of the Pro-Duct Evolution on the Firmac Ltd YouTube Channel. Along with all the other Firmac duct forming machinery videos, this provides an excellent view of the highly technical and innovative machinery being developed by the UK company for the HVAC industry.

Firmac apprentice, Tom Dutton, has been presented with two prestigious awards by Yorkshire Coast College. Tom was awarded with the Engineering Apprentice of the Year and the Darren Scaife Memorial Cup of Work Based Engineering.

The Brilliance Awards are held annually and celebrate the hard work, achievement and dedication shown by the students at the college.

Now in his final year, Tom began his apprenticeship with Bluebird Vehicles before moving to Firmac. This required a change of direction from Coach Body Building to Fitting/Machining, halfway through his apprenticeship.

The Yorkshire Coast College described Tom as “flourishing at Firmac” and commended him for dealing with steep learning curves. “Tom has a tenacious appetite for learning, always focused, sometimes tirelessly questioning his peers; such is his demand for information and to push forward to excellence. Highly regarded at his workplace, Tom is a credit to the college, his company and his family. We have no doubt Tom will continue to impress and strive and improve throughout his career.”

Simon Morrell, General Manager at Firmac, reiterated these comments, “It is great to see Tom winning these awards. He has worked extremely hard to transfer companies during his apprenticeship and the awards are thoroughly deserved. We now look forward to him developing further and establishing himself as a key part of our engineering team for the long term."

Simon Morrell, Firmac's General Manager, talks to Yorkshire Coast Radio about the importance of engineering apprenticeships.

Over the past six months there has been a notable increase in demand for Firmac’s Drive Cleat Duct Lines particularly in the Middle East. This semi automated (fully/ modular automated) and versatile machine gives the manufacturer several jointing options to choose from, plain ended ducts to accept a slide on flange, also drive cleat both hit and miss or continuous, both options produce a full box in one pass. Extra notching can be added which will allow the production of ducts with an integral flange of the manufactures choice, (Firmac’s CGF 1 is an example of what can be achieved). Once the sheet has been notched, cut and male and female Pittsburghs formed, it is taken from the line and run through the freestanding rollformer to form the flanges. It is then placed back onto the run out table to be automatically folded into a complete box with seam-closed ready to be transported to site.

Lewis Firth, director, explains, “Expanding ductwork companies that are accustomed to the reliability and consistent high quality output from our entry-level machines such as Mini and ADF lines are now investing in the DCDL. It’s a natural progression for businesses that are looking to increase their level of automation and enjoy the benefits of increased output without the burden of extra labour costs. We are fully aware that all manufactures are not always in a position to invest in fully automated lines, such as the Firmac Pro-Duct CGF 1, but feel that the DCDL offers an excellent semi automatic (fully modular/ automated) alternative.

The drive to automate production processes is linked to the buoyant construction industry.

Sameer Kohli, Firmac’s representative/ agent in UAE and Middle East, attributes the demand for increased automation to regional employers’ reluctance to rely on limited labour resources. “The construction industry is growing but employers are restricted on the numbers of foreign nationals they can employ.  Employers don’t want to depend on a limited labour market and so are looking for increased automation from their machinery. Companies are looking to invest in their futures and the DCDL is helping them do just that whilst meeting current production requirements.”

Watch Omron’s latest video Firmac's partnership with Omron leads to first fully automated duct forming machine and seen how these two forward thinking companies worked together, using the latest technology to produce the industry’s first fully automated duct forming machine.