Square to Round Ducts in 2 minutes

The STR-750, Square to Round Duct Former from Firmac has revolutionised square to round duct forming. With only one join and no re-shaping required, duct transitions can be produced in less than two minutes.

The duct former is an ideal investment for duct workshops who want to increase output without impacting on floor space as the former can be folded away when not in use.

Roux Young, owner of Venteck Ductwork Ltd., explains how productivity has increased significantly since introducing the STR-750. “Previously we used the folder to produce square to round transitions which was labour intensive and time consuming. The process often distorted the shape of the duct which meant that we had to spend time reshaping each piece to produce an accurate shape.

With the STR-750 we can produce accurate shapes very quickly. We’ve increased daily output from 30 to a massive 200! The machine is easy to use and move around and we’ve found it particularly useful to take on site to make ductwork and insulation cladding".