Square to round Duct Former

STR-750 Square to Round Duct Former

The first shipment of STR-750, Square to Round Duct Formers has been sent to Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

Along with the UK, customers in Russia, France, Germany, Oman, Dubai and the United States will soon be enjoying the benefits provided by the STR-750. M.D., Lewis Firth commented, “The STR-750 is already proving a popular machine with both existing and new clients in the HVAC industry. Our first shipment left the factory today and we have a full order book for the coming months. Duct workers have struggled for many years to produce square to round transitions, which has often been a slow and labour intensive operation. This machine provides a quick, accurate and effective solution”. The STR-750 has revolutionised square to round duct forming. Duct fittings can be made quickly and easily, ensuring production in other areas is not halted or slowed down and your main folding machine is free for other work. Duct transitions can be formed in less than 2 minutes.