17 Swedish students from Wilhelm Moberg School, from the town of Emmaboda in Sweden, visited local engineering business Firmac as part of an educational trip to the town on 8th June.

The college brings sixth form students to Scarborough every year as part of their last compulsory English course giving them experience of communicating in English whilst learning about English culture and everyday life in the UK. The students who visited Firmac all have an interest in technology.

Firmac is a world leading manufacturer of sheet metal duct forming technology and global exporter so it was a good opportunity for the Swedish students to see a British engineering company.

Lewis Firth, Director at Firmac explains, “The students saw the engineering processes within the Firmac business , including mechanical and electrical design, software design, CNC machining, assembly and final testing areas.

We export around 85% of our sheet metal duct forming machines and Sweden is one of our growing markets. The selection of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment they saw today, in various stages of construction, will be exported to countries including Denmark, France, Italy, Dubai, Lebanon and two for their native country of Sweden.”

Anna Horling, teacher at Wilhelm Moberg School, added, “We strive to go on study visits that are within the field of education that the students have chosen. Therefore, some visit Town Hall, some visit private companies and talk about economical differences and similarities while others compare English production and technology to Swedish. We’ve now visited Firmac two years in a row and both years our students especially appreciated to see an industry that produces machines for production companies.”