When deciding which duct forming machine to buy - consider these 10 advantages to buying a dedicated machine.

  1. The main reason to buy a dedicated machine is quality of product. This machine has been designed for a specific purpose and therefore the best possible duct will be consistently produced.  This is not a compromise or a bolt-on
  2. No need for compromise. This machine is “fit for purpose” and therefore more reliable and more efficient
  3. Optimum output. It will produce faster, saving time and increasing productivity
  4. Automation will ensure quality production at a much faster rate
  5. Operator friendly. It has been designed for a specific purpose and will be simpler, more intuitive and require less operator intervention
  6. Compact - efficient use of floor space
  7. The production process will be smoother as the material handling will be under control at all times - contrary to modular systems
  8. Full factory testing gives the customer protection - you see what you are getting
  9. Installation time of new machinery will be shorter and production downtime reduced
  10. You have more flexibility for future growth. When you decide to upgrade your machinery you will be choosing the latest and most up-to-date technology and won’t be restricted to old outdated equipment as part of a bolt on upgrade

Firmac is the world leading manufacturer of metal duct forming machinery. All machines are designed and built by duct working experts in the UK.