Prominent HVAC firm, Leader Air Conditioning based in Taipei, Taiwan was welcomed at Firmac head office in May.

Sisters Yu Ling Huang and Keavy Huang from Leader were joined by Samy Nachmansohn, Chief Executive of Dresohn, leading  Swiss ductwork manufacturer. The sisters were on site in Scarborough to learn more about the latest machinery innovation being developed for the Swiss company.

Leader Air Conditioning bought their first Pro-Duct from Firmac in 2000. This machine has just undergone a major service and programme upgrade in preparation for increased output of square ductwork for the Taiwanese construction market. 

Controls Manager at Firmac, Gregg Firth who hosted the visit and led the upgrade project explains how the Leader’s purchase 14 years ago has proved a worthwhile investment. 

“The Pro-Duct is renowned for its productivity, reliability and continuous output of quality ductwork. With regular servicing and upgrades we would expect a machine of this calibre to work hard for Leader for at least another 14 years.  Firmac has always strived to provide top quality engineering for all our machinery, and as proof we have some machines which were bought back at the company’s inception in 1985 which are still working hard in the HVAC industries across the world.

"When you see ducts of this size, 600 x 3000,  being manufactured in one complete piece it just shows one of the many advantages the Firmac Pro-Duct can bring the end user. Four ducts of this size were made, using 1.2mm and CGF30 flange, complete with tie-rod punching.”