This unique design from Smitka Profex GmbH, offers the HVAC duct factories the opportunity to:

Save Time – Increase Productivity – Generate More Profit

Once the flange frame is formed it is simply knocked into place with a hammer, where beading locks the flange into position.

  • Process is more than 5x quicker than a the traditional slide on flange
  • Smooth internal finish offers cleaner airflow
  • Ideal for straight ducts
  • Knock on with a hammer – no need to spot weld
  • Accurate fitting offers virtual airtight properties
  • Minimal investment delivers excellent return on investment.

The rollers can be retrospectively fitted to an ADF, Mini-Line or any existing rollformer. The rollers form the bead on the duct, allowing the flange to be knocked onto to duct quickly and easily.