I think without exception we have all been affected by the Covid- 19 pandemic. We at Firmac are no exception and have endeavoured to manage the business in the best interests of our staff, their families and our customers.

With UK government support and guidance, we worked through the lockdown period with a very reduced capacity, but as restrictions were slowly lifted, we gradually restarted the manufacturing processes while managing the risks. Although no one clearly knows what the new normal will be, we are happy to announce that by the 3rd August we will have all our original staff back fully employed in the business.

As a family business we understand the risks and pressures the virus has created and we continue to be respectful in managing the situation going forward. We have experienced delays with current contracts and sincerely apologise to anyone affected, but importantly we are working hard to minimise these affects and give support whenever necessary.

Finally we would like to thank our staff and customers for their patience, support and understand through this unprecedented time but to end on a positive note we feel we have never been better prepared to take on the challenges of the HVAC market, in offering the most technically advanced machinery in the world today. 

Simon Morrell MBA,

General Manager,

Firmac Ltd